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Our Products

On this page we will list all of the products we offer: Gemstones, Minerals, Fossils, Jewelry, Native American, Metaphyscial and Collectibles.
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Crystals Galore! Polished points to clusters and faceted stones.  We have crystals from Arkansas, Brazil, Peru, Arizona, New York, North Carolina, Mexico and India.  We also carry Diamontinas, Lemurian and Jeffries Crystals too!  Look! We have Crystal Balls, Crystal Skulls, Carved Dolphins, Crystal Pendants, Gemstone Balls and Eggs.  Also available are Agate slabs from 1" to 8" and many different colors of Agate bookends and slabs.  We also have a thousand pounds of glass marbles (small and 3/4" - 1" large).  Come into our store to see our full selection!

Points, clusters, eggs, balls - Click here to go to our Gemstones Page!

We have a selection of fossils, from small sharks teeth to large sharks teeth, trilobites, ammonites, orthocerous, brachiopods, crinoid stems and fossilized coral.  We also have some wonderful specimans of fossilized and opalized wood.
Come in to our store to find what you're looking for!

Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and Pendants.  Sterling silver or silver with gemstones are used to create beautiful jewelry for the enlightened buyer.  30 different styles of Hematite necklaces, 50 different 32" Gemstone necklaces, 15 different 16" Gemstone necklaces, 16 different Gemstone anklets, as well as Hematite and Gemstone bracelets and earrings.  Come into our store to see our full selection!

Many of our Native American items are made in the southeastern United States.  We have leather items, jewelry, beads, hand made articles and smudging items.  We also offer cow and buffalo skulls, feather earrings, bone and bead earrings, as well as leather and beads to make your own things.  Come into our store to see our full selection!

Crystals and stones for healing and cleansing, pendulums, candles, stone use charts, ritual oils, medicine man herbs and teas.  We have what you're looking for!  Check here for upcoming classes, speakers and psychic readings.  Come into our store to see our full selection!

In our shop, you will find antique bottles, glasses and pictures, cigar and bread boxes, bags, old toys and wooden statues from the Phillipines.  We also have a selection of 45's for you to to check for that old song or artist that meant so much to you.  Come into our store to see our full selection!

You will not believe all the wonderful items we have in stock!

Rocks and Things located at
114 Oak Avenue/Upper Street/Old US19
in Historic Downtown Spruce Pine, NC
Just 5 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway!